Like any other investment, you want to get your money’s worth out of your human hair wig. And brushing it correctly is key to its longevity. If you brush it incorrectly, the unit could shed and age prematurely. So, in this article, we’ll break down everything you know about brushing your human hair wig. Let's dive right in! Here’s How to Brush a Wig There’s been a lot of confusion among wig newbies about how to brush a wig, so we’ll make things clear. The best way to brush your human hair wig is to start with the ends of the hair and slowly work your way up. Doing so will enable you to gently and efficiently work through knots and matted hairs. If you brush from roots to ends, you’re more likely to create tangles that rip the strands out and increase wig shedding. You can brush your wig while it’s on your head, put it on a mannequin head, or place it on a table. Here are the steps to follow to brush out a tangled wig: Step 1: Separate the wig into manageable sections and use clips to separate the sections. 4 to 8 sections should work well. Step 2: Spray a lightweight detangler onto one of the sections and grab your brush. Step 3: While holding the roots of the section taut with one hand, begin brushing the ends of the section. Step 4: Once the tangles are brushed out, move up about an inch and continue to brush. Step 5: Whenever you come across stubborn knots, stop and use your fingers to undo them. Step 6: Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the section is completely free of knots and tangles. Then brush out the rest of the wig from ends to roots. Tips for Easy Wig Brushing and Styling When it comes to caring for your wigs, using the proper brushing technique will help keep them in their best condition. Here are some helpful tips to use while brushing a human hair wig. Never Brush Your Wig When It's Wet One of the worst things you can do to your wig is brush it while it’s wet. Doing so can cause the strands to break and lead to more frizz. If you want to preserve your wig, only brush it when it's completely dry. If you decide to use a spray detangler, don’t worry about your wig becoming damp. The formula will make your wig’s hairs slippery and make the unit easier to detangle. Don’t Be Rough Handle your wig gently regardless of whether you’re styling, washing, brushing, or storing it. If you’re too rough with a wig, you can cause it to thin out or become misshapen. So, it’s wise to avoid tugging hard at the strands or using your nails to remove knots. Unlike your scalp, any hairs a wig loses won’t grow back. Use the Right Brush Not all brushes are created equal. The wrong brush may cause damage to the wig cap and hair. The following is a list of some of the best brushes for wigs: Looper brush - Looper brushes are specifically made to care for human and synthetic extensions. Instead of straight bristles, looper brushes have nylon hoops that gently move through your strands instead of snagging them. Paddle brush - Paddle brushes are another great option for human hair wigs. They can cover a wide area and are perfect for detangling. Just avoid brushes that have large balls at the ends of the bristles. Those can snag onto the hair and rip it out. Brushes with metal bristles – You may hesitate to use a metal brush on your wig because it sounds harsh compared to softer plastic bristles. But metal bristles glide through your strands more freely and reduce your overall detangling time. Comb vs. Brush: How to Choose Although combs are gentler on your wigs, a few situations warrant using a brush. Here is a brief guide on using a comb vs. a brush. When to Choose a Comb When you’re detangling a severely tangled wig - When you’re detangling a severely tangled or matted wig, the goal is to be as gentle as possible. Brushes have a lot of bristles, which means they have a higher chance of snagging knots and mats. So, instead of using a brush for heavy detangling sessions, choose a wide-tooth comb. If the wig is curly - Brushes can get caught on curly strands and rip them out. A wide-tooth comb can do the job while leaving the curls intact. When to Choose a Brush After you’ve straightened it - A brush can help you break up stiffness and keep the straightened hair flowing. With bone-straight strands, the brush won’t hit many knots or tangles on the way down. Light detangling sessions – Brushes are perfect for light detangling sessions, where there’s minimal matting and tangles. The brush can quickly get through small knots and tangles quicker than a comb could. While you’re styling your wig - If you’re styling your wig, you might want to grab a brush. It can slick hair down better than a comb can, and it may be more helpful in getting your hair to look how you want. How To Comb a Wig With a Hot Comb Hot combs have seen a recent resurgence in popularity, and it’s no wonder why! They’re easy to use, they effectively straighten your hair, and they aren't as damaging as flat irons. This section will walk you through how to style a human hair wig with a hot comb. Just keep in mind that it’s best to use a hot comb to target specific areas, like the hairline and crown of your wig. While you can use one to straighten the entire wig, flat irons are better suited for covering large areas. Here’s how to comb a wig with a hot comb: Put your wig on a canvas mannequin head or install it using your preferred method. Apply heat protectant to the strands. Make sure your wig is completely dry and detangled. Turn your hot comb on and set it to your preferred heat level. Use the lowest temperature possible to avoid damaging your wig. Decide how you want to style your wig, and then make your part using a rat tail comb. Use the rattail comb to separate a small vertical section of hair along your part on each side. Put the hot comb’s teeth onto the hair and pull the comb down its length. Make sure the comb goes through the strands and not just smoothing over the top of the hair. Also, be careful that you don’t get too close to the wig cap. Direct contact may melt or burn the lace. If you want the hair to lay flatter, you can press the back of the hot comb onto the strands and smooth it downwards. Move to the next section and repeat the process until you’re satisfied. Finish styling your wig. Spritz your wig with a light holding spray to lock in the style. Human hair wigs can give you a gorgeous, natural-looking mane and protect your own strands from styling or environmental damage. So, of course, you want to keep them looking their best! We hope this article has given you the tools to do just that. Here’s to easy wig brushing and combing sections and endless wig slays!