If you're a wig wearer, I'm sure there's nothing that distresses you more than wig shedding. It would be nice to have a wig that doesn't shed hair! Unfortunately such a wig has not been produced on the market. However, we can prevent wigs from shedding through some effective means, do you want to know these means? Keep reading and get useful information.

Why Is Your Wig Shedding So Much?

In fact, it is quite normal for wigs to shed a small amount. But once you notice that the wig is shedding more than before, it should be noticed. The next section focuses on the main reasons behind wig shedding.

Incorrect Wig-Using Habits

Incorrect wig usage habits are the main cause of wig shedding. There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of when wearing a wig on a daily basis, but many people don't realise it. Are you aware of those wrong wig usage habits of yours? Here are a few incorrect wig-using habits.

Rough handling

Unlike your own hair, wigs are relatively fragile and can't withstand your rough handling. Be gentle and have more patience when combing, putting on and taking off the wig.

Frequent scratching

When you scratch a lot, wigs are prone to shedding. Each strand is hand-tied into a knot to hold it in place. Scratching the wig will force the knots to loosen and the wig will inevitably shed.

Sleeping with a wig on

When you sleep with a wig on, there is friction between the wig and your pillow and duvet, and this friction can cause the wig to tangle and fall off more easily. Furthermore, many people move around in their sleep, and this movement can lead to loose wigs and extra friction.

Using Wrong Products

Using regular hair care products on your human hair wigs? Regular products may contain ingredients that are too harsh, leading to wig damage, tangling and shedding.

Too Much Wig Styling

Too far is as bad as not enough. Although human hair wig can be styled with heat styling tools, too much heat styling or over-heating will lead to damage.

Wig Quality

Low-quality wig is more likely to shed than high quality wig. The technology used in the production of wigs is important. The technique of how the knots are fixed to the lace determines how much the wig will fall out.

Pre-Bleached Knots Wig

The knot bleaching technique is to lighten wig knots and make the wig appear more natural. However, the bleached knots are fragile than unbleached, which means a pre-bleached knots wig will more likely to shed.

Effective Ways To Prevent Wigs From Shedding

Knowing the specific causes of wig shedding, let's get down to business. And in the next section, we will provide you with effective ways to reduce wig shedding.

Frequent Detangling Your Wig

You need to comb and detangle your wig on a regular basis with your fingers or wig brush. This is an effective way to prevent “large knots” from appearing. WHAT’S MORE, I find that many people comb their wigs incorrectly. The correct way to comb a wig is from the ends to the roots, not from the roots to the ends. This is because wigs tend to get tangled in the middle and end parts of the hair, and the roots rarely get tangled, and if you comb your hair from roots to ends, it will pull on the hair and make it shed.

Brush or comb your wig every single day and you also want to concentrate on the nape of the neck which is the easiest place to overlook.

Avoid Scratch

As already mentioned, scratching your scalp will loosen the knots on the lace part, so scratching is prohibited. But what if you can't help scratching your wig when your scalp itches? Gently pat the itchy place instead. However, if your scalp is often itchy, perhaps you should remove the wig and wash your hair, so as to effectively relieve scalp itching.

Prevent The Friction

Friction causes shedding or causes tangling that leads to shedding. So don’t sleep in a wig on your head, remove it before bedtime. However, for some types of wigs, it is obviously impractical to remove them every day before bed and put them on in the morning, such as lace front wigs. But you can tie your wig in a loose bun and then wear a bonnet covering the wig. By doing this, you can reduce friction.

Minimize Heat Styling

Excessive heat dry the hair strands and causes damage to the wig hair, leading to shedding. However, if you do need to styling your wig, i always suggest use a heat protectant spay and turn the temperature down as low as possible. What’s more, avoid dry your wig with a hair dryer especially with a high setting. The most recommended way to dry your wig is to have a towel wrapped around it to squeeze out the excess water and then place it on the wig head to air dry.

Use Lightweight Products

Greasy products are likely to accumulate on the strands and cause buildup. When you clean the buildup, you'll inevitably rip out a few hairs. Conversely, lightweight products are less likely to build up, easier to remove, and still can achieve the same certain style results. Why not spend some time looking for these lightweight products?

Regular Shampooing And Conditioning Of Wigs

Human hair wig, once cut off, nutrients and moisture will reduce with the time going on, not like our own hair, it has the continue nutrients and moisture from our own body continual. So in the daily life, if we cannot give the hair continuous moisture then it will dry. besides, a dry wig is prone to shed. Regular shampooing and conditioning of wigs can give your wig moisture and let it smooth. 

Attach Silicone Craft Base

This is the most effective way of keeping your wigs from shedding, especially for a bleached knots wig. do you know wigs that have the silicone base? Well we’ve figured out how to simulate that with a silicone craft base on wigs that makes the hair strands stay fixed to the mesh. You can buy this product called "craft silicone" online. You will also get a sturdy special brush.

how to prevent wig from shedding

·First put your desired makeup tint on the lace.
·Then apply a thin layer of the silicone on the lace. Be gentle and careful not to push too hard on that application so as not to get it on the hair from the top.
·Let that dry overnight.

It will MOST DEFINITELY stop major shedding, especially on the edges.

In Conclusion

If you are planning to purchase a wig online, try to choose a high quality one. Learn as much as you can about the brand of wig you are buying and choose a wig supplier you trust. Then follow the specific methods mentioned above to minimize wig shedding and extend wig life.