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We all like full lace wigs because they can give us the most realistic appearance like hair growing from the scalp. What's more, full lace wigs are more versatile, they can be either worn in a ponytail or a bun and still look realistic, considering the fact that there is lace all around the full cap. If you are new to lace wigs, especially full lace wigs, there are a few things you need to know before making a purchase. So today let's find out below.

1. You do not need to have hair to wear wigs.

If you want to go for a big chop or shave off wearing a wig, do it, girl! You don't have to have hair to get it for that. The wig would be pretty secure. At the same time, your hair will flourish underneath.

2. A full lace wig can be parted anywhere.

You can part your full lace wig as you like because a full lace wig can be parted anywhere, whatever it's a middle part or a side part.

3. Difference between full lace and glueless full lace.

A full lace wig is all lace and all hair, so you have to glue it down. A glueless full lace has combs inside and adjustable straps on both sides which allows you to install the wig without any glue.  If you would like to put on a wig real quick without having to glue it down, then a glueless full lace wig must be a good choice.

4. Get a lighter lace, not a darker one.

You want the lace to be light than dark because you can easily lighten lace but it's not that easy to darken it. To lighten it, just slapping some bleach on lace won't help. Also, it wouldn't look right when you put concealer or foundation on it, which will gonna look all cakey. So just getting a lighter lace will make everything easy. 

5. Get a bigger cap, not a smaller one.

You would rather get a bigger cap than a smaller one. Because if a cap is too big there are so many ways to fix it, such as making it a little bit tighter with glue, might be a little loop but you could easily sew down or cut it and sew it back. While if your cap is too small, cutting and extending is the only choice.

6. Don't buy a dark color wig if you want a light color.

If you want to get a light bright color, don't buy a black wig or a brown wig because you have to bleach it, which would result in it messing up like the hair wouldn't be as soft and as silky as it was. It's easier and quicker to get a blonde one and it's worth it.

7. Find a stylist to customize it for you before installation.

To avoid messing up your wig, find a stylist to get them customized if you are not a professional. Let a stylist customize it, a stylist would customize the wig to your hairline, the front hairline, and the back. They will make sure you look realistic instead of your putting it on, looking all wiggy and horrible.

8. Find a stylist that does sew or glues.

Some people don’t comfortable with the feeling of glue. Finding a professional stylist will be of great help . There are some stylists who only do sewings and some only do glues, just find a stylist that does sew or does glues help you with the look you are looking for...

9. Might be able to see a little lace. 

You might be able to see the lace a little bit unless you have sufficient baby hairs to cover it. You can see the lace a little bit but honestly, but if it is not closing up, it's so natural and realistic indeed as if you don't see the lace at all as long as the wig is installed properly.

10. Lace wig does not last forever.

Lace wigs are not going to last forever. They are good protective styles but don't be thinking that you're gonna be able to rock it to death. Give it a year without even constant use, then it's time to pick up a new one.

I know this may be the furthest thing from your mind and I hate to break it to you, but school starts will coming.  If you are like me, I can honestly say that this summer flew by.  I didn’t hang “outside” as much as I thought.  I went to a few parties and went to FL, but that’s about it.  

Nonetheless, I want to share with you some tips on how to prepare for school in the summer.  I promise the suggestions are not hard to accomplish, it's simply readjusting your mindset.  It’s important to readjust your mindset when it comes to school, because no matter what you can't, you can’t avoid going to school.  Forreal, there's no way around it sis!

The only thing I looked forward to when it came to going back to school was the two obvious ones -- back to school shopping and receiving my schedule in the mail.  I remember calling all my friends asking what time their classes were. Then once I went to high school, my mom allowed me to shop by myself.  She would drop me off at the mall with my set amount of cash and I was free to buy whatever I wanted for school.  Of course, my outfits had to be appropriate, but I just loved walking through the mall with all my little bags filled with my outfits.  

But going back to school is more than just receiving your schedule in the mail and going shopping.  Entering in a new grade is a new opportunity to have a clean slate.  You can change habits that didn’t work for you in the previous year such as going to bed super late, not studying, waking up 10 minutes before the bus comes, not trying new after school activities/clubs. 

Back to school will coming, the most thing I think ,you need to get you more beautiful to be the new school life, and enjoy the colorful new lift. I think you need to get a human hair wig. Follow me.

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Do you have the urge to change new hair color? Why not consider trying a new color to enjoy the hot weather? 

Summer is the perfect season to step out of your comfort zone and try something different.

Here are the trendiest hair colors that you will be rocking in 2021.

Wig Unit【LWIGS383

Slayed by  @glambyjer

 According to many hairstylists, Ginger Color will the best color and reign a whole year in 2021, even though it is the only summer now.

From pale strawberry red to copper to rich auburn, wine, and bright red ruby tones, red hair always can give people a warm feeling.

Wig Unit【LWIGS362

Slayed by @treshonlyniece

As we all know, honey blonde hair color is a hue that mixes golden yellow with amber-brown tones and gets its name for having a similar hue as real honey. Besides, it looks very warm and sweet, and also can compliment almost every skin tone. Therefore, it is a trendy hair color in 2021. Then let us look at these celebrity examples. Like Ciara, Beyoncé, Khloé Kardashian, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Jennifer Lopez all tried the honey blonde hair color and also gained a good effect.

If you want to get a similar look, you can purchase a honey blonde wig to get this sweet look. All honey blonde wigs are made of 100% virgin human hair, and very comfortable and bouncy. With these lave front wigs, you don’t need to worry about the damages of coloring hair anymore.

Monday, July 5, 2021 10:41:19 PM America/Los_Angeles By L Wigs Lwigs, Mid Year Sale, Summer Vibes, HD Lace, Undetectable Lace Wig, Glueless Wig, Hair Trends, 360 Lace Wig, Grwm, Lace Wigs,

Are you still looking for a convenient & pre-colored wig that you can just throw on your head & go when you wake up in the morning?

Wanna know how quick & easy to apply this unit?

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Wig Unit【LWIGS361

honey brown highlight body wave 13*6 HD Lace Front Wig 22"

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Now you got it, very simple install by  * WappaModa

Saturday, June 26, 2021 2:57:42 AM America/Los_Angeles By L Wigs Lwigs, Fashion Week Sale, HD Lace, Undetectable Lace Wig, Glueless Wig, Hair Trends, 360 Lace Wig, Grwm, Lace Wigs,

Do you know we have a new honey brown highlight hair?
Must admit this color is popping, no glue needed easy to install!

Who really loves this whole look and wanna go get it?

Wig Unit【LWIGS362

honey brown highlight body wave 13*6 HD Lace Front Wig 18"

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Doll >SlayWith Me< simply made it look so cute.

Thursday, June 10, 2021 10:53:07 PM America/Los_Angeles By L Wigs Lwigs, Fashion Week Sale, HD Lace, Undetectable Lace Wig, Glueless Wig, Hair Trends, Wig Goals, Grwm, Lace Wigs,

Happy Women's Day
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Are you ready?

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