It's exciting to get a new wig. However, without proper hair care, your beautiful wig will begin to fade and fade over time. Whether you are a human wig or a synthetic wig, if you don't care about it, your wig is likely to encounter the same irritability and entanglement problems. If your wig is curly or very tangled and you don't know what to do, please don't throw it away! The biggest question is, how do you restore a tangled or curly wig? The good news is that you can bring your wig back to life and make it look new. You don't have to throw away your wig just because it's curly or tangled. Just follow these simple steps to update your old wig and make it look new and beautiful again. 1. UNTANGLE YOUR HUMAN HAIR WIG People with curly hair and wigs often face the problem of entanglement. So, how do you solve this problem? The first step is to comb your hair with your fingers and gently separate any large knots. Next, place the wig on the manikin or wig holder and fix it with a hairpin or t-pin. To make this process easier, spray a little spray on the wig. Next, gently comb your hair with a comb brush or a wide-tooth comb. Gently comb the hair from the tip of the hair and gradually move upward. Please note that you should comb your hair very gently to prevent excessive shedding and breakage. Don't brush too hard, because it will make people's wigs more tangled than before. Once your person's wig is untied, please continue to the next step. You can design your hairstyle according to your choice. In order to fix the hair bundle in place, finally use light hair gel. 2. WASH IT WITH A MILD SHAMPOO If you wear a wig for a long time, you may find it beginning to look dry and irritable. When this happens, washing your hair with a mild shampoo and conditioner may be a good solution. We recommend that you also use a wash-free conditioner (which can be used as an anti-tangle conditioner) after use to make your hair easy to comb. To wash your wig, first, brush off your wig according to the first step. Next, fill the sink with warm water. Add some shampoo to the water and rotate. After mixing the shampoo with water, you will notice that the shampoo will blister. Now, immerse the wig in the sink and massage the hair with your fingers. Focus more on tangled areas. Leave the wig in the water for up to 5 minutes. After that, rinse the wig with water. Then, apply conditioner to your hair and let it stand for 10 minutes. Then rinse off your hair. Finally, gently comb the wig with a wide-tooth comb, and apply wash-free conditioner to the hair at the same time. 3. RESTORE ITS MOISTURE The design of human wigs looks very natural. However, human wigs are different from our own hair. Wigs cannot get natural oil or sebum from the scalp like natural hair. Therefore, if the wig does not maintain moisture and nutrition, it is easier to tangle and curl. If you wear a human hair wig every day, it is recommended that you keep wet and in good condition. So, what is the solution to this problem? The most important step here is to keep the wig hydrated. Therefore, be sure to often apply wash free conditioner or hair oil on the wig, and spend time on deep conditioning during cleaning. In addition to adding water to human hair, please make sure to use an anti-heat agent on a wig and keep it properly. Avoid sleeping in the wig, especially when it is wet, because there is a lot of friction between the wig and the pillowcase, and the hair may curl and tangle. 4. TRIM THE AFFECTED AREAS As a last resort for a tangled or curly wig, you can have it trimmed by a hairdresser to remove dry or affected areas. If there is no other way to repair a hairy or worn wig, trimming and cutting the affected area is worth a try. Don't throw away your wig before you try this step. Take your wig to a hair salon or a trusted hairdresser so they can trim dry hair and cut off any unwanted hair to make your wig beautiful again. 5. USE LESS HEAT ON IT Reduce the frequency of using a hairdryer, hot roller, iron, and curling stick on real hair wigs. Heat can dry hair and can cause tangles, curls, or even breaks. When you must use a heat source, be sure to use heat protection first. It is recommended that your real wig be air-dried instead of always blowing dry to keep healthy. 6. GENERAL HAIR CARE MAINTENANCE By providing the proper care and maintenance required for your real wig, your wig will remain healthy for a longer time and is unlikely to tangle and dry. It is more convenient to maintain the wig than to try to restore it to its original state. Please keep the wig properly when you don't use it. Store your wig safely in a place free of dust or dirt and out of the reach of children. However, if your wig is really tangled, it is not difficult to restore it to its original hair state according to the steps mentioned above. Just make sure you wash your hair, brush your teeth, condition, and shape when necessary. We hope you like this article on effective ways to revitalize your wig. These tips apply to dry or tangled hair. In addition, it is recommended that you take good care of your people and keep them in good condition. This is the best way to keep your hair safe.