Bangs are one of those styles that may totally change your appearance, especially when the various types of bangs are considered. It is no surprise that debating whether to have them has become a symbol of a huge life change.

In addition to satisfying your need for a change, they can also totally change your face shape and highlight your strongest features. For instance, soft, wispy bangs help to contrast sharp jawlines, and dramatic side bangs can clearly provide more dimension to round faces.

A girl thinking what type of bangs is perfect for her face shape.

Face Shape = Types of Bangs

You may be asking, “What face shape looks good with bangs?” There is a bang for every face shape, even if it sounds far-fetched. Bangs transform your face instantly and offer you a stunning new look. Choosing face-shape-appropriate bangs is, of course, the key to achieving a perfect makeover without shedding a tear.

1. Oval Faces

If you have an oval-shaped face, you must have repeatedly heard that it is the perfect shape. The styling options for bangs on an oval face are practically limitless — straight-across bangs, cropped baby bangs, thick fringes, short layered bangs, wispy bangs, etc. Don’t be scared of trying them on because they will probably look great on you.

2. Round Faces

A bob, short or long, with wispy bangs or curtain bangs can look fantastic on a round-shaped face. For short hair, medium hair, or long hair, side bangs are an excellent round-face bangs option. A side-parted fringe will provide an elongating look and emphasize your cheekbones and jawline for a round face.

3. Square Faces

If your face is square-shaped with a prominent jawline, you won’t be disappointed with thick bangs that extend to or just below your eyebrows. Long, wispy bangs will bring your jawline down a notch and soften sharp facial features. You could also style a thick fringe into a sassy side-swept square face with bangs for a lighter look, or you can comb it down to create well-defined full bangs.

4. Rectangle Faces

A haircut that includes bangs is all about finding a balance between your jawline, hairline, and facial length. The forehead and cheeks of a rectangular-shaped face are wider than the jawline, which is blunt and angular. Therefore, bangs that are suitable for rectangular face shapes should give a sense of the jawline’s length and roundness. To soften the prominent jawline, the best bangs for rectangle faces are asymmetrical fringe, side-swept long bangs, as well as curly bangs. This face shape looks best with a face-framing side fringe that extends past the chin, creating the appearance of length.

A girl cutting her own bangs.

5. Heart Faces

The lovely qualities of a heart-shaped face will be highlighted with a wispy fringe without exposing its roundness. In contrast to a full fringe, thinned-out wispy bangs will not contribute to the weight of your broad forehead and will enhance your chin. Bardot bangs that are cut slightly longer on the sides, side-swept bangs, long textured bangs, and curtain bangs swept backward are suitable for heart-shaped faces.

6. Diamond Faces

A diamond-shaped face features a narrow forehead and jawline with prominent cheekbones. Aim for bangs for the diamond face that offer a good balance between your broad cheekbones and your pointy chin. Any hairstyle with curled ends, including an inverted bob, would complement your facial shape.

Face Shape Plays a Big Role When Choosing a Bang

You now have the information and knowledge necessary to select the best fringe for your face shape. Types of bangs that match your face have never been easier to pick; you can now call your hairdresser and make an appointment to make it happen. Then, apply some eye-catching mascara and complete your stunning bangs haircut with a heart-melting smile.